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In the beginning I was merely Godzilla. This unfortunate, yet perfectly rhymed, childhood nickname had stuck so well that I got it tattooed inside my bottom lip in my 20s. Add a decade, a 2 year old and a fiancée later; I have evolved like a majestic Pokémon into Momzilla


These days, I am a stay at home mom of a wild and loving 2 year old boy and a sleepy cat named Mouse.  In my spare time (hahaha) I enjoy crafting, long bubble baths, reading, photography, drawing, baking and binge-watching Netflix. I grew up religiously watching Sailor Moon and Martha Stewart  (not too sure which has had the bigger impact on my personality to date).  I live in the southernmost part of Canada and adore going on road trips with my Fiancée.  I believe you must choose to be positive every day or life can throw you into a rut real quick. I consider myself a “forever student” of art and life.

"If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?"  -Milton Berle

This blog is about the domestication of wild motherhood. I share with you as I learn, try, accomplish and occasionally fail, all things related to being a homemaker... All posts are tried and tested so you don’t have to worry about having a Pinterest fail moment. Most importantly, this blog is authentic and real, I’m not perfect!

Qualifications for being a Mommy Blogger:

-Stay at home Mom of 2+ years while maintaining my sanity: 99% of the time.

-Former retail management career: A fabulous job where you have to do more with less hours while people demand things from you constantly… sounds a lot like motherhood eh?

-Visual Arts Degree from U of W: That’s right folks; I paid to be creative so that I can show you how to make nice things.


This blog is for the Jill of all trades mom, the eclectic parenting mom, the modern mom, the new mom, the short on time mom, the need a break mom, the Pinterest mom, the want to try new things mom, the coffee addicted mom, the mom-curious, and any others I have failed to mention.

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